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Introducing the hottest new beach game…Bru-Bag!


Beach games have and always will be one of the best parts about going to the beach.   Think about what you actually do when you’re at the beach…Not much right?  You might take a quick dip in the ocean, do some sun bathing and then if you don’t have kids (or even if you do) you drink and play beach games.  Not to say that there is anything wrong with that, heck our business depends on it.  Believe me, we never would have come up with this awesome beach game if we didn’t enjoy a couple cocktails down by the shore. best beach games

You name it, we use to play it.  Cornhole, Kan Jam, Ladder ball, bocce along with any other beach games you might be able to think of, believe me we played them all.  The problem was that each of these beach games had a flaw in some way or another that made actually playing them on the beach somewhat difficult.  Cornhole was way too heavy and to be frank a real pain in the butt when having to drag those 60lbs plus sets down by the water.  Kan Jam was great, except for the fact that 9/10 it was unplayable because there is always a decent amount of wind down by the water and we all know how well high winds and Frisbees’ mix.  The other two were just kind of boring and I’m sorry if those are two of your favorite beach games but ladder ball was constantly falling apart and we were constantly losing the “jack” ball in the sand when playing bocce.

So after coming up with Bru-Bag we decided that it not only needed to be great on the lawn it also had to be great on the sands!  In its conceptual phase we knew it had to be lightweight like Kan Jam but still have a sturdy frame like Cornhole.  If you look at the pic on the right you can see we’ve achieved both of those things.  Not only is Bru-Bag only (20 Lbs) and made from real wood it’s easily portable as the legs detach easily so you can throw everything into the carrying case, grab the boards and still have a free hand to help your buddy with the cooler.  So before you decide on which of the beach games I’ve described above is best for you.  I encourage you to check out the Bru-Bag classic set, which is by & large the best option for your buck.  If you are still unsure of Bru-Bags rules and want to know more be sure to check out our “how to play” section for more info and then you’ll know for sure why Bru-Bag is the ultimate package when it comes to beach games.  Looking forward to seeing you, your family & friends down by the water this summer!

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Team Bru-Bag

By: James Rafferty