Bru-Bag not to be confused with brew bag!

Brew bag real pic

Bru-Bag and brews go together like tailgating games and Ralph Wilson Stadium, so we understand why you may confuse “Bru-Bag” with “Brew-Bag.”


Brew bag 2


As a matter of fact, we did originally decide on “Brew-Bag” as the name of the game, but as the game became more popular, we agreed a switch from “Brew” to “Bru” would be in our best interest. We wanted to appeal to a broader consumer base and be a bit more family-friendly. Still, it’s a common misconception that we’ve noticed, and we’d like to take this opportunity just to clarify.  Not to worry, as we continue to expose our brand and reach further into each corner of the country, we’re taking all the right actions to make sure the namesake adjusts itself. If you look for “Brew Bag” today, you’re likely to find some pretty neat information on home brewing techniques, home brewing recipes, and methods to brew your own beer. While we agree this all sounds pretty lovely, we understand it’s not quite what you’re looking for.

Our goal is to navigate Bru-Bag enthusiasts from all over to where they want to be, right here at So help us spread the word, and the next time someone asks where you got that sweet outdoor party game, make sure you don’t forget the U!

Ahhh – the smell of charcoal, the first sip of a crisp brew, and the anticipation to game time. Tailgating is almost as much of a pastime as the sport itself. Whether you’re the go-to master organizer or simply the one responsible for the ketchup (seriously, don’t forget the ketchup) – you’re already one-step ahead by reading this here page and thinking about which tailgating games are worthy for your crew. Well, my friend, look no further. Bru-Bag is the best of many worlds. We all love beer pong, and corn hole is a pretty solid game – but we also know beer pong is tough to play outside, and corn hole is, well, limited. This is why we have taken the best aspects of each game and created arguably the greatest of tailgating games ever. The strategy that we love about beer pong, with the versatility and classic nature of corn hole – along with the sheer competitiveness of both – it’s the stuff legends are made of.

You want to be a legend of tailgating games? Check it – that dude across the lot brought ladder ball, and spray painted it. And did that chick really bedazzle that Frisbee? Don’t let your crew fall into tailgate abyss. Ascend into tailgate glory, and be that crew that the other crews gather around. Bru-Bag is not only an incredibly awesome game; the boards are completely customizable – with lasers! Seriously though, lasers (check out a few of these custom boards we’re pretty fond of). It’s inevitable that your spot will be the place to be. You know the saying – if you knew better, you’d do better? Well, now you know better – so naturally, time to do better. Be a legend of the tailgate!  So drop us a line, give us a call, or check out the shop and pick up a classic – or custom Bru-Bag set before your girlfriend sees that adorable Frisbee.

James Rafferty