Customers stay longer—and spend more money—when they're playing BruBag!

Your customers deserve more than the same ol' cornhole game

BruBag is a new lawn game that combines everything that's awesome about Cornhole and Beer Pong.

BruBag has six holes and uses two bean bags—making for a more fun, fast-moving and dynamic experience.

BruBag is lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to store at the end of the day. No more dragging big, heavy cornhole boards around!

Your brewery logo and branding is printed on each board with non-fading UV ink and protected with a weatherproof laminate.

Every BruBag board is constructed by hand, guaranteed to last, and made entirely in the USA.

Sell BruBag boards (with your brewery branding) alongside your brewery's merch. We'll even build you an e-comm page and ship direct to your customer.


helping breweries grow

30k in additional revenue

During the summer/fall of 2022, over 200 players particpated in 8 seperate leagues. These players increased the overall breweries reveunue by 30k over a 7 week span!


BruBag is a proud supporter of craft beer, and a member of the New York State Brewers Association. Over 40 breweries purchased branded BruBag game sets for their breweries in 2021-2022, and beer drinkers everywhere are loving this exciting new game!

Starting at just $174.99

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Let's Work Together

Give your customers something fun and exicitng to do this year! Let us help you host a Social League!

We do all the leg work; registration, communication, and scheduling as well as supply you with marketing materials and social media post to use.   All we ask from you is to assist with marketing, commit space for 1.5 hrs a week for 7 consecutive weeks and keep an open line of communication with us.

Ideally we would love you and/or your staff to be involved but we understand it might not be possible.

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Ask about Branded BruBag game sets for your brewery or starting up your own league today!

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BruBag originated from a simple "ah-ha moment" in the middle of the night, when Scott realized there was a better way to build and play the traditional game of cornhole. He envisioned a game that had six holes and two bean bags (instead of just one), weighed half as much, and fit easily in the back seat of a car or under your arm. The new game combined everything that's awesome about cornhole and beer pong, and he named it BruBag. Since then, thousands of game sets have been shipped to happy customers across the country.

Scott lives with his wife and two kids in Webster, NY. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he deployed five times to Iraq and Afghanistan with the United States Army 75th Ranger Regiment, served with the New York Army National Guard, and worked as as a civilian technician. Scott's desire to support local businesses and American products is at the heart of his mission, and he's here to serve you as you pursue yours.