Spring 2022

Three Heads Brewing & ROC BREWING


Final Standings

Rank Team Win % Games Played Series Wins Total Wins Losses Tie
1 Good Genes 83% 46 19 38 8 0
2 Here for the beer 70% 47 15 33 14 0
3 Roc In The Wild 40% 45 7 18 27 0
4 DNR 38% 47 7 18 29 0
5 Hopped and Confused 38% 47 7 18 29 0
6 Brhubarb & Co. 32% 47 5 15 32 0


Bye Week


A BruBag League works just like a dart league or a cornhole league—except it's BruBag!

Your team will play two best-of-three matchups each night for the duration of your league's seven week season. At least two players from your four-person team are required to be in attendance each week.

Teams will be assigned to play at Three Heads one week, then Roc Brewing the next.

Players will have access to an online leaderboard, where they'll track their team's wins and losses and how they're performing against the other teams.


Just click the button (below) and pay the registration fee. BruBag will email you within 48 hours to get more info from you about your team. Registration is $90.00 per team.

Each team has four players (although only two compete during a match, while the other two watch).

Only two people are required for your team to be eligible to compete each week, although all four players are encouraged to attend (and play).

What's Included?

Your $90 registration gets your team entry to the league, access to an online leaderboard, league t-shirts, and an awards party at the end of the season. Plus, you get to hang out at two of Rochester's favorite breweries for seven consecutive weeks.

The league will take Memorial Day off (Monday, May 30th) so y'all can hang out with your friends and families at home.

All abilities are welcome at this attitude-free social league. Sign up today!