How to Play:


Bru-Bag takes the best elements of two already popular games and merges them to create a perfect union that stands leagues above all other yard games. Its sleek design and variety of play-styles are guaranteed to keep you & your guest entertained long after the party has ended. So whether you choose to bring it to the beach, park, or tailgating, you’re always sure to draw a crowd & a good time whenever you set up Bru-Bag.  We’re so confident you’ll love our game that we offer a 31 day money back guarantee to prove it!

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Quick Rundown

Detailed Breakdown


Do I remove my opponents first bag off the board after they’ve thrown?
-No, the only instance in which you would remove an opponent’s bag from the board is if it were to hit the ground before landing on the board.  This is considered a “dead bag”.
Do I cover up the hole immediately after an opponent’s bag goes through?
-Yes, if you don’t cover the hole immediately, you run the risk of your opponent sinking both bags in one hole which would result in an instant win.
Can I throw overhand?
-Yes, in Bru-Bag there is no restriction on throw styles.
Can my teammate and I throw bags simultaneously?
-No, the first players bag must hit the board or go through a hole before the second players’ bag can leave his hand.
How many times can you re-rack covers in a game & can you do it in the middle of a turn?
-You can re-rack once per game and only at the beginning of your turn.
If I sink the last two open holes in one turn will the other team still get redemption?
-No, they also wont be offered redemption if you sink both bags in the last open hole.

*Note: On the final hole the opposing team must leave the last hole open after the first bag goes through.  This gives the second player the chance to prevent the opposing team’s redemption by  also sinking his bag in the final hole.

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