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Social BruBag Leagues


The BruBag league works just like a dart league or a cornhole league—except it's BruBag!

Teams consist of at least two players, up to a maximum of four players. Only two people from each team play at a time.

Two players will play three best-of-three matchups each night against another two person team. The online leaderboard is updated each week, and it'll tell you which teams to play.


To register, click the link below, pay your team registration fee, and a BruBag representative wil be in touch by email within 48 hours to collect more information about your team (and answer any questions you may have).

Registration is per team, regardless of whether you have two, three or four players on your team.

What's Included?

Your registration gets you entry to the league, access to the online leaderboard, official league t-shirts, and you get to hang with awesome people.

Team captains, please be prepared to supply a name, email address and shirt size for all team members.

All abilities are welcome at this attitude-free social league. Sign up today!


There are six holes instead of just one—which makes it more interesting and fun! And, there's no scorekeeping. Instead, you cover the hole after you sink a bag. The first person to cover all six holes wins!

Frequently Asked Questions

Technically the minimum is 2 however we reccommend 4. Realistically, not every player is reliable every single week, and nobody likes to forfeit. We recommend having at least 4 committed players before you register your team.

Please be courteous, and know that when your team has to forfeit or unable to show to a game, there's a whole other team that doesn't get to play either.

Many teams will still play for fun if you're down a player, but unless the team requirements are met by the start time, the game will officially be listed as a forfeit. 

Each establishment differs, some are known to offer a variety of enticements such as discounts, drink specials, complimentary food or gift cards. However this is completely up to the establishment and not guarenteed.

In the event of weather related or other unforseen cancellations, we add one additional "makeup" night to the end of the schedule.

If more than one cancellation occurs, all games will be made up on the final night. Start times may be earlier to facilitate all games.

These arrive in the Captain's e-mail inbox within 48hours after they register online. If they cannot be found, it's for one of two reasons.

-It's in the Junk/Spam folder in your e-mail.

-You probably typed your e-mail address incorrectly when you registered.

Send us an email to info@brubag.com and we will get you straightened out!

We recommend you arrive 30mins to an 1hr prior to the start time.

Practice your throw, grab some drinks and make some friends!

Although the number one rule is house rules rule, you're in our house now. That being said the official rules are posted here.

Most of the rules should be pretty familiar. You probably experienced similar variations of this in your beer pong days, however there are some slight changes we've had to make. Please familiarize yourself with theses prior to the start of the league.