Veteran Owned - American Made

Who We Are

BruBag is a Veteran owned, family run business that brings family, friends, and strangers together in a lighthearted game of competition.

Our Story

BruBag originated from a simple ah-ha moment in the middle of the night. Since then it has grown to where it is today with thousands of sets across the country and customers from all walks and ages in life enjoying it.

From the beginning there have been 3 main goals to make this the best yard game on the market. 1. It had to be American Made, 2. It had to be lightweight and easily portable, and 3. It had to be something all ages can enjoy.

Although there have been many hiccups along the way, it has stayed true to those values and we want to ensure all of you that it will remain that way.

We understand you have a choice when you make a purchase and we will do our best to earn your loyalty and trust. If for any reason you need to contact support, just know you will be speaking directly to a person, not some automated system.

Owner Scott Quick

Scott deployed 5 times to Iraq and Afghanistan with 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. He also served with the New York Army National Guard and worked as a Army Civilian Technician. He formed Bru-Bag, LLC. In 2013 where he brought his military values to the table. His goal was to create a product and a business that wasn’t only unique but something that would set the example for others to follow.  

Letter from the owner

Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out BruBag. BruBag has come to mean a lot to my family and I over the last few years. I came up with this game shortly after returning from active duty with 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. It was really a way for me to decompress and reconnect with buddies. I mean, what’s better than being outside with buddies, throwing back a few brews, and bringing up the nostalgia of beer pong and corn hole?!

Since then, BruBag has evolved into much more. These days you’ll most often find me playing a more tame version, usually against the kids in our family. It travels with us on every vacation and has become a way for us to all make new friends quickly anywhere we go. It has been priceless during the days of social distancing.

As my brand has evolved though, I have really focused on holding strong to my core values, which are my family, supporting our military, and our keeping it American made. I’ve been approached by several larger companies, wanting to work with me over the years, but requiring that I sacrifice to allow for cheaper (overseas) materials and labor. My answer has always been an easy, firm “NO,” out of good old American pride.

As a small, family run business owner, I see each and every order placed. I value your feedback and love to see that others are enjoying this game as much as my family is. Thank you so much for your ongoing support!

Scott Quick - Owner